How do I get discounts/coupons at

There are a few ways to get AWESOME discounts on our site.

  1. Submit your email address to Join our MovieposterCLUB rewards program. You will receive monthly/weekly notices of sales, discounts and cool contests. Plus, be the FIRST to buy the newest release posters and/or the coolest vintage collector movie posters.   BONUS:  Just for signing up, you will receive a 10% discount off your first purchase!
  2. Take advantage of our  program. Buy 9 posters with a qicon and get an automatic 15.00 dollar off your order. 
    qicon sample
    No need to buy 9 at one time, we remember how many you have purchased. In other words, you can buy one poster today, 2 in three months from now and 6 in 2 years from now and you will still be eligible for the $15.00 discount.  Every order you place will have your qicon countdown on the email confirmation so you will ALWAYS know how many more qicon posters you have to buy to redeem your $15.00.    You will also be able to see your qicon countdown once you log in to your account.
  3. Every time you place an order with, the receipt you get with the posters includes a 10% discount code on any future order, valid up to 4 months!
    receipt sample

How do I use the discount/coupon codes that I receive?

It’s really easy! Just place your order at and when you get to the checkout page, you will enter in the code in our discount field. (see below)

discount use sample

Once you enter in the code, don’t forget to hit VALIDATE! If the code you’ve entered is still valid, you will see the discount applied.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only use one code per purchase! Also discounts/coupons are not applicable to wholesale customers.